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Reverse logistics is helping companies in every industry to achieve greater financial performance than ever before. In fact, reverse logistics is become increasingly recognized as an essential part of business success, and so the need for qualified reverse logistics professionals is exploding. Position yourself now for the world-wide growth in reverse logistics. Invest in your career and your future with a certification from the Reverse Logistics Association (RLA) that will show that you have a set of skills to build value in any organization. RLA certification will give you a competitive advantage in the professional marketplace.

Aftermarket Supply Chain

The RL Certification Committee is developing this program.

In its commitment to giving you the greatest opportunities for professional development, RLA now provides certification as a Reverse Logistics Professional (RLP), Reverse Logistics Manager (RLM) and a Reverse Logistics Trainer (RLT). RLA offers the preparation in conjunction with all RLA events worldwide, which means there will always be a location convenient for you to attend. The examinations are offered immediately following the course. In addition, RLA provides Continuing Education Units (CEUs) so that you can stay current in the profession and maintain your certification.

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