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Reverse Logistics Tips from the Pros - Amsterdam 2006

Reverse Logistics Conference and Expo in Amsterdam hosted by the Reverse Logistics Association featured top notch speakers with an overwhelming amount of new data, experiences and advice on Reverse Logistics, with a European twist. Some of the tips picked up at the show may help companies improve their Reverse Logistics operations, whether an OEM or a 3rd party service provider.

Tip # 1 – Planning – “Plan Reverse Logistics strategy prior to a new product launch” from Jose Garcia, Director – Repair and Refurbishing, Microsoft. Very few companies plan the kind of explosive world wide product launch that Microsoft did for the Xbox in 2000. The most interesting aspect of this launch is that they also planned and executed their global returns strategy prior to the product launch as well! Very few companies utilize this kind of proactive approach. Why did they expend the efforts? To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction from the very first day the product hit the streets around the world.

For additional tips, download article.

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